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Hello players of Hyrise, and welcome to my " Unofficial " Guide to having a perfect sign shop! Many of you ask things such as " What's the best item to sell? " Or, " How do I go about creating my shop? " Well this guide will hopefully explain in full detail how you can create a perfect sign shop to aid others in their adventures!
Creating your first chest for players to buy from is quite simple and very easy to set up, many players often find themselves making more than one sale chest because of this. Creating a chest for others to buy from can be done with a Sign and a Chest, after gathering these materials, you will need to place the sign on your chest, and type the following into the sign :
1 : Your Player Name ( i9_ )
2 : The Amount Of Items Being Sold ( 64 Is A Stack, 32 Is Half )
3 : Your Sale Price. THIS MUST BE DONE LIKE THIS : B 20 The B Stands For Buy, And The 20 Is The Amount Being Payed
4 : The Item ID Or Name. ( If The Name Doesn't Work You Might Need The ID ) Potato's ID Is 392
Each Number Represents A Line On The Sign, And Must Be Entered On That Line Only.

Creating A Sell Chest Is Almost Identical To Creating A Buy Chest, And Can Be Done Within A Minute If Done Correctly. Sell chests are less common, and allow the player to sell their items to YOU. ( E.G : I Can Sell My Potatoes To Another Player For $1 A Potato. ) I Advise you to use caution! Selling an item takes money from your account and gives it to another player!
1 : Your Name ( i9_ )
2 : The Amount Of Items Being Given To You ( 64 Is A Stack, 32 Is Half )
3 : Your SELL Price. THIS MUST BE DONE LIKE THIS : S 20 The S Stands for Sell, And The 20 Is The Amount Being GIVENTo
the other player
4 : The Item ID Or Name.

The answer is fairly simple, and can be explained in only a few sentences. Most players will buy items that are scarce, and hard to find.
Diamonds are one of these. Players are also in great need of food and supplies such as enchanted armor or tools. Another great need can be ender pearls or useful building blocks such as stone brick and wood. Players will buy whatever is cheap and affordable to him/her, and lowering prices to something cheap can be one main way to earn money fast.

The final step to creating a beautiful and perfect sign shop is quite simple and you can do it whenever you'd like. Advertising your sign shop can be a key role in letting others know you are selling important supplies and goods. You can do this by playing signs around your village,
or even announcing it in the public chat. Saying something simple and to the point such as " Selling Tools And Equipment, Cheap Prices "
can get players interested in what you're selling. <!> BEWARE <!> Do not spam or use excessive characters in global chat! Doing this can result in a warning or mute! ( Locating your shop CLOSE To spawn or another village can be a key role in gaining customers! Players often don't want to walk far in order to buy something! )

The final bit of advise is keep your chest shops stocked at all times! It's not wise to put a stack of wood logs in a double chest and wait for players to buy it all. Keep the chest stocked and let the players tell you when it's finally empty! Having an empty chest can hurt your business!

Thanks for your time reading this post, and I truly hope it helped some! -CoreNine
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Don't forget about /iteminfo :d If you need to find the ID of a item, just hold it in your hand and type /iteminfo and use the ID number instead of the name :d
Posted Nov 22, 17
Jodie72nd MASTER
I'm not usually the type to use buy/sell chests for a shop but now that I know what to do, I may start one up in the future.
I'll make sure to keep this guide with me at all times, just incase.
Posted Nov 23, 17
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